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Children’s Renal Center

Pediatric Nephrology Outpatient Clinic

Children’s Renal Center of Dallas, TX offers trusted care for children in the area of pediatric kidney disease and infection. We provide evaluation and treatment services for children with a wide range of kidney problems, as well as for children with metabolic bone disease. Our goal is to treat kidney disease in children of all ages in a timely and compassionate manner. Our focus is on helping each patient and their family by offering resources, education, and the best treatment options available.

Comprehensive Pediatric Nephrology

At Children’s Renal Center, we provide a wide range of different treatments, including kidney dialysis treatment and cystic kidney disease treatment. Celina Denise Cepeda, MD and Albert Quan, MD offer premier pediatric kidney care, including renal tubular acidosis diagnosis and treatment. As experienced doctors specializing in pediatric nephrology, Dr. Cepeda and Dr. Quan are physicians you can trust to take excellent care of your child. They provide outpatient services at Children’s Renal Center and inpatient hospital services at Medical City Children’s Hospital.
Our services include kidney transplant services, dialysis, and general pediatric nephrology. Whether your child is experiencing electrolyte disorders, kidney failure, or needing a transplant, our practice will provide expert care in a holistic manner.

Dialysis Care For Children

Dr. Cepeda and Dr. Quan offer dialysis care for children of all ages. When the kidneys stop functioning, toxins and fluid can build up in the body. Various complications, like electrolyte disorders, acidosis, fluid overload, and hypertension, can occur as a result. Dialysis is a replacement therapy that does some of the work the kidneys would normally do. At Children’s Renal Center of Dallas, TX, we provide dialysis services to improve or resolve the complications associated with non-functioning kidneys.

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