Renal Tubular Acidosis Diagnosis and Treatment Dallas TX

With some kidney diseases, acid can build up in the blood due to the kidneys not functioning properly. When this happens, the condition is known as renal tubular acidosis. At Children’s Renal Center, we will complete an evaluation to determine whether your child has this disease and what treatment is needed. As your pediatric kidney doctors, Albert H. Quan, MD and Celina D. Cepeda, MD, will provide the comprehensive information you need to ensure that you can make the best decisions for your child’s health needs.

Accurate Diagnostic Services

After obtaining a full history and performing an exam, we utilize laboratory services to determine if your child’s blood is too acidic and the urine is not acidic enough, which would indicate renal tubular acidosis. These services allow us to uncover the disorder and provide timely care to prevent complications. Without treatment, the condition could lead to problems such as kidney stones, bone disease, poor growth, and/or chronic kidney disease.

Timely Care & Treatment

At Children’s Renal Center, we understand that every patient is unique. We offer the complete kidney care your child needs. With timely care and effective treatment, your child will be on the path to healing and recovery.

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